28 October 2019


Passion, creativity and enjoyment. McNally Living brings you a range of high-end Miele appliances to add exclusive luxury to your cooking.

Miele Refrigeration

Miele offers inspired appliances with remarkable designs to keep food fresh under optimum conditions. With the freshness system, food stays fresh up to 5x longer with an ideal temperature and optimised humidity. Keep your food in a perfect climate with energy efficiency. Explore exciting innovations in refrigeration lighting and other features like Push2open. Miele is setting new standards in high-end design with the development of the large-capacity MasterCool appliances.

Miele Cooktops

State of the art convenience and innovation, Miele induction hobs communicate with the extractor keeping your home free of steam and odours at low volume. The Miele hobs offer unparalleled versatility. Along with style and function, they are durable and easy to maintain. With the keeping warm function, food is kept at ideal serving temperature while preventing burning. Visit us in Ballsbridge to see all of the features available with Miele hobs.

Miele Ovens

Miele ovens, loaded with features, come with microwave and steam combinations for better baking and roasting results. They help you save time and add flavour to your meals. Avail of flexible timer options as well as Wi-Fi connectivity Miele ovens have options to complement your lifestyle.

Miele Integrated Coffee Makers

The complete coffee experience. Miele integrated coffee makers allow you to make the perfect cup every time. These easy-to-use machines can store your coffee order, so your coffee is always just how you like it. With auto cleaning features, they perform maintenance effortlessly. Smart sensors position the spout right at the rim of your cup, eliminating any splashing.

Miele Wine Conditioning

Chill glasses, prepare wine for decanting and condition open bottles to perfection. There is nothing that Miele hasn't thought of in their revolutionary wine conditioning appliances. With multiple temperature zones, several different types of wine can be stored at the same time. The modular design of the shelving allows the storage of different sizes and bottle shapes.

To learn more about how Miele appliances can enhance your kitchen design, book a design appointment with an experienced McNally kitchen designer.