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Culinary warming drawers for smart kitchens

12 Oct 2022

Culinary warming drawers for smart kitchens

Gaggenau culinary warming drawers have always been popular with chefs involved with large-scale gatherings. The reason is simple: keeping culinary delights ready to eat, and plates, servers and cups warm means everyone can stay calm during preparation and dinner. These smart kitchen appliances are as functional as aesthetic.

Now, Gaggenau is introducing home chefs to the multipurpose benefits of a culinary warming drawer. However, the sophisticated 200 and 400 series models can do so much more than warming.

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Gaggenau has channeled its technical expertise into ensuring the culinary warming drawers slot perfectly into a smart kitchen. Both models have finely tuned temperature controls that can be adjusted in 10°c increments, adding functionality to an already versatile appliance. Each culinary warming drawer is controlled via a sleek touch panel revealed when the drawer opens.