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Following an initial design consultation in our showroom, our team will work on a tailored concept for your kitchen, keeping in mind your requirements. Using advanced 3D software, your consultant will present you with a design pack, allowing you to visualise every detail of your stunning design.

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Mary Orr

Senior Design Consultant & Showroom Manager

Mary graduated with honours from COMAD where she studied Environmental Design and specialised in furniture.

While working in the United States and Canada, she designed pieces for the Irish Embassy in New York, boardroom furniture for Irish companies, and customised domestic furniture. On returning to Ireland, she worked at Springhill Woodcraft in Carlow as Design Manager.

Mary joined McNally Living in 2007 and works as Senior Designer and Store Manager. She has worked on a wide variety of kitchen projects and enjoys taking clients all the way from the design phase to the implementation of the project.

Amy Kinsella

Design Consultant

Amy graduated from Dublin School of Architecture with an honours degree in Architecture in 2018 where she studied in Dublin and Switzerland. Having worked in architecture studios for four years, she found that her passion lay in interiors and designing spaces that are functional while also keeping good design at its core.

Central to her design process is getting to know clients and working with them throughout the project timeline from inception to completion in order to create an efficient design that is reflective of the clients themselves. Amy’s background in architecture lends both a holistic approach to design and an attention to detail.