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Discover a captivating kitchen design

28 Jun 2023

Discover a captivating kitchen design

A harmonious blend of materials steps into the realm of inspiring kitchen design

This LEICHT kitchen emanates a sense of openness and warmth through its masterful combination of materials. The juxtaposition of a warm real wood floor and a solid wood panel against the predominantly white surfaces and fronts of the island block and kitchen unit, crafted in LEICHT design programs, create a harmonious composition that invites you to indulge in its beauty.

Every detail has been meticulously considered in this kitchen design. Black accents add a touch of sophistication, introduced through the integrated sideboard, intricate embellishments, and the inviting armchairs surrounding the dining table.

Our design team, based in the Ballsbridge showroom, will expertly guide you through your project and produce the perfect luxury kitchen for your home. Book a design consultation now.

The room effortlessly expands with the presence of glass sliding doors, seamlessly blending the terrace into the living space, and creating a visually striking ambiance.