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Gaggenau oven types to choose from this 2023

20 Dec 2022

Gaggenau oven types to choose from this 2023

Achieve professional cooking results in the comfort of your home with Gaggenau appliances.

Convection ovens offer a full range of 17 heating methods, and the addition of the core temperature probe give the home chef full control over each dish.

Bake pastries with the bottom heat + convection mode of Gaggenau ovens. And for the crispiest of flat breads and pizzas use the baking stone accessory at 550°F. See Gaggenau’s Gratin root of vegetables recipe here.

Discover more inspiring recipes on the Home Connect app. As well as being a recipe book on your phone or tablet, the Home Connect app unlocks the remote-control features of your appliance, allowing you to preheat ovens, decant wine in the climate cabinet to ideal drinking temperature and start the dishwasher, all from beyond the kitchen.

Combi-Steam ovens not only have a larger capacity, but also offer assistance via automatic programs, temperature probe and a fully automatic cleaning system.

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