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How to transform your kitchen with BAHIA – Kitchen Trends 2024

15 Nov 2023

How to transform your kitchen with BAHIA – Kitchen Trends 2024

The latest innovation consists of a veneer front with an exciting surface created by its vertical groove structure. BAHIA thus draws on LEICHT’s successful surface programme BOSSA, but is different in a key design principle: in addition to the contrast between the raised surface and the grooves themselves, the special feature of BAHIA is the combination of two apparent opposites. Within any one front, the individual grooves are set asymmetrically to each other, but in the sequence of several fronts, an identical fanning structure emerges.

Discover how our cabinets blend into one elegant piece of furniture with a clever trick. We use dark vertical cut-outs that match the width of the traditional joint, creating an illusion of continuity. Whether it's a joint or a cut-out, you can't tell the difference - and that's the beauty of it. At McNally Living, we are proud to offer this unique feature to our customers.

Do you want a space that is both cosy for your family and elegant for your guests? Our design team, located in the Ballsbridge showroom, will help you with your project and create the perfect luxury kitchen for your home. Book a design consultation now.