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Kitchen design for open-plan living

04 Oct 2021

Kitchen design for open-plan living

Homeowners are moving away from smaller, distinct rooms, as interior design leans increasingly towards an open-plan approach. The design of the modern kitchen now needs to consider the entire living area.

In a small modern kitchen, the use of high seating on an island can serve as living space within your kitchen design. Alternatively, in a large room, the use of a table and dining chairs can complement the design.

With your living and kitchen blended together, the living room and kitchen flooring can be unified, and a large tile in warm colours can be hard-wearing. The addition of a rug will also add warmth and a contemporary feel.

Matching your kitchen design with your living room furniture is a good design idea and can give the room a cohesive feel. Matching wall colours and a considered lighting plan creates the perfect zoned kitchen and living space.


For more ideas on modern kitchen design in an open plan space, contact our design team in our store in Ballsbridge or by booking a design consultation here.