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McNally’s top colour of the year

21 Dec 2021

McNally’s top colour of the year

Create a sense of calm and elegance in your kitchen and dining room by using a neutral colour such as grey this new year. Pair it with black and white accessories and ensure you have enough illumination and infiltration of natural light to feature plants and stylish decor.

Grey and its variations, like silver and metallic tones evoke a sophisticated ambience that can make your kitchen elegant and minimalistic at the same time. You can create attractive contrasts in your kitchen design by using, for example, rustic wild oak behind open shelving..

Sometimes metallic kitchen colours evoke more elegance than other classic styles. Your kitchen design talks about you and your family lifestyle, so make sure to make everything easy to reach incorporating high quality cabinets with plenty of luxury storage solutions.

The space in this kitchen features dark grey floors and drawers that make it as functional as contemporary. Simplicity is the final ingredient to any good kitchen design.

If you would like to discuss a luxury kitchen design for your home with one of our design team, drop into our showroom in Ballsbridge, Dublin or book a design consultation here.