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Minimalism in Matte: Uniting Simplicity and Elegance

13 Apr 2021

Minimalism in Matte: Uniting Simplicity and Elegance

Matte surfaces have a distinct charm. Their sleek, understated appeal lends domestic kitchens a luxurious feel. Simple and tasteful, they are suited to both traditional and modern settings. Here are a few stunning kitchen designs with matte surfaces that are sure to leave you inspired:

Leicht Bondi-C

This kitchen from the Leicht Bondi-C range couples mohair super matte with highland oak from the Synthia-C range. The complementary surfaces unite to create a stylish kitchen with a classic touch. The pocket door system ensures convenience and practicability..


The Leicht Contino-C kitchen combines an array of neutral finishes to form a picture of unparalleled elegance. The high-grade matte-lacquered surface is available in the exclusive Le Corbusier palette, which has a smooth, soothing feel.


The Leicht Bondi-E features elegant matte-white surfaces offset by genuine wood and continuous fronts. The alternating open and closed fronts create a welcoming, wholesome space with heightened functionality.

Bondi Valais

The warmth of the textured oak, set against the matte-lacquered surface in cool carbon grey, achieves a sense of visual harmony. The architectural precision of the Bondi Valais transforms the kitchen into a space that is aesthetic and efficient in equal measure.