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Minimalistic kitchen storage designs

06 May 2022

Minimalistic kitchen storage designs

Ergonomically functional German kitchens encompass storage solutions and accessories that can be modelled to suit all your needs. From cutlery inserts to spacious closed shelving facilities and other innovative structures, McNally’s kitchens can be customised completely to suit your lifestyle..

Vacuum cleaners and cleaning items should be easy to access and conveniently concealed to maintain the order and sleekness of your luxury kitchen. Functional railing with various hooks is part of the standard package of accessories offered by McNally Living, available for tall units and wall units.

McNally offers smart storage solutions for all kinds of household utensils for your luxury kitchen. If you are considering a new kitchen and smart storage solutions, let our kitchen designers help, drop into our stunning showroom in Ballsbridge, Dublin. Find our opening hours here.