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Modular Kitchen Designs Where Elegance Meets Efficiency

19 Dec 2020

Modular Kitchen Designs Where Elegance Meets Efficiency

A chic layout that couples ergonomic functionality with aesthetic perfection, a modular kitchen is ideal for contemporary homes.

Multipurpose Islands

A statement island with a built-in hob besides a tap ensures that time spent in the kitchen goes by conveniently. Additionally, pull-out drawers with sectionalised shelving facilities serve as savvy storage units..

U-Shaped Kitchens

A stylish alternative to an open plan space, a u-shaped kitchen that coalesces seamlessly with the living room is open, inviting, and original. Situating closed shelving solutions along the walls bears testimony to the kitchen’s meticulous planning.

Semi-Open Kitchens

Shelving units attached to both islandic blocks as well as the walls allows you to experiment with sections customised to accommodate a wine cellar and built-in display units to showcase kitchen décor.

Single-Walled Kitchens

A design that makes optimal use of available space, lining kitchen shelving alongside the workstation is as neat as it is practical. A combination of open and closed storage units contributes to the visual allure of the space. If you wish to furnish your home with a bespoke modular kitchen, be sure to book a design consultation today. Our team of expert designers would be more than happy to guide you through a personal appointment either online or in-store by appointment.