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Practical in family life, timeless in aesthetics

31 Aug 2023

Practical in family life, timeless in aesthetics

Good architecture … begins with a sketch. - Roger Kurath | Architect

Beverly Hills is famous for being the residence of many Hollywood celebrities, and it showcases impressive architecture everywhere. A case in point is the modern housing complex with a clear geometric design and a stunning façade. Today we want to inspire you with a luxury kitchen design from the US.

This LEICHT kitchen reflects a cosy and well-organised space in black and grey, with a central block that contains the stove and the sink.

The custom-made height of the front eliminates the need for filler panels above the appliances.

Are you looking for a family-friendly space that also has a timeless elegance? Our design team, based in the Ballsbridge showroom, will expertly guide you through your project and produce the perfect luxury kitchen for your home. Book a design consultation now.