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Premium design for a luxury kitchen

15 Apr 2023

Premium design for a luxury kitchen

McNally Living specialises in creating the perfect kitchen space for the discerning homeowner.

In recent years, kitchen design has become more architectural, streamlined and integrated into open-plan living.

Mary Orr, Manager and Senior Designer at McNally, has worked in premium kitchen design for over 15 years. According to Mary, quality and choice are the most important criteria when selecting a kitchen provider. “When we meet clients, we spend time thoroughly discussing their likes and requirements so that we can design the best bespoke kitchen for them. With premium kitchens, there is vast choice within our product ranges and the design detail will be customised to suit the client and the kitchen space. For example, the grain of each wood is matched to the specific style of your kitchen and then matched to each door and drawer. Concrete door finishes are hand finished and unique to each kitchen.”

Amy Kinsella, one of the team based in Ballsbridge, is an architecture graduate who specialises in interiors. Amy believes it is all about the finer detail when considering kitchen design.

“Every little detail is thought through. Drawer interiors have a wide range of inserts with separate felt-lined sections for pots and pans, preventing damage and noise when opening. Each individual drawer can have integrated lighting which turns on when the drawer is opened. There are numerous utility drawer options for herbs, spices and utensils. And the latest in Wi-Fi connected appliances bring your kitchen into the modern age.”

McNally Living offers a personal service from start to finish. “We take you through the journey, from layout ideas to selection of finishes, on-site assistance and after sales service. It’s a detailed process and we are there to assist clients from the beginning all the way to the completion of their dream kitchen.”

Are you considering a luxury kitchen design? Our design team, based in the Ballsbridge showroom, will expertly guide you through your project and produce the perfect luxury kitchen for your home. Book a design consultation now.