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The simplicity and luxury of a white kitchen design

27 Dec 2021

The simplicity and luxury of a white kitchen design

White kitchens are so versatile that you can design them to pair with classic, contemporary or more luxurious styles.

In this luxury white kitchen, you will notice contrasting elements evoking elegance and simplicity. There are tall units with pull-out shelves and slide-away doors to incorporate smart storage solutions. The handle-less modules are perceived as homely elements. The open shelving system is available as a freely suspended wall element thanks to its strut construction. The natural illumination in this kitchen plays an important role and the home déco also gives it a glamorous touch. A breakfast bar is not necessary as it has enough space to use a minimalistic dining table and a sleek contrasting design..

You can incorporate elements like the ones mentioned above to make your white kitchen as luxurious as you like. Keep it simple and let symmetry in your design do its part.

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