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A Stunning and Inviting Irish Kitchen

01 May 2024

A Stunning and Inviting Irish Kitchen

Our client's vision was a versatile space that catered to contemporary living. We crafted an integrated design where storage, pantry, cleaning, cooling, and refrigeration zones merge effortlessly, promoting peak efficiency. The outcome is a testament to our commitment, and we're eager to delve into the details of this successful project. See more photos here.

This innovative kitchen layout excels in functionality for cooking, prepping, and hosting, with its interconnected storage, pantry, and appliance zones promoting supreme efficiency. The fusion of handled and handle-free surfaces lends a fresh, dynamic aesthetic, enhanced by the sleek concrete selection from LEICHT.

Above the countertop, the vintage mirror wall covering adds a touch of modern flair, complemented by strategically positioned cubist artwork across the room, which is artfully reflected. The expansive square window bathes the richly hued kitchen in natural light, augmented by grand sliding doors that lead out to the garden. This kitchen strikes a balance between minimalist elegance and distinctive character, representing chic modern design.

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