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Timelessness Meets Spaciousness – Luxury Kitchen Design

15 Feb 2024

Timelessness Meets Spaciousness – Luxury Kitchen Design

In a tranquil environment near the Latvian capital Riga, there is a modern residential building* whose architectural concept is distinguished by skillful play with vertical structures in both facade design and interior spaces.

The BOSSA surface program by LEICHT is a fascinating real wood front that creates a unique visual language in both kitchens and entire living spaces. It's a polarizing and creative novelty, offering a fresh approach to interior design concepts that span multiple rooms. Here are some key features of the BOSSA program:

1. Material Harmony: The BOSSA program combines high-quality materials, such as exquisite real wood (in oak or walnut veneer) and dark ceramics. The combination of these materials creates an exciting harmony: cool, smooth concrete surfaces blend with the warm character of wood, resulting in a modern yet inviting atmosphere.

2. Homogeneous Styling: The BOSSA program allows for large areas to be styled uniformly. In one planning scenario, the complete cladding of the handle-less kitchen run and adjoining units is done using BOSSA walnut. This architectural statement ensures that storage solutions are concealed behind expressive BOSSA fronts, creating a seamless, perfectly shaped look throughout the living space.

3. Unique Texture: The BOSSA front features a special texture with protruding, linear ridges (7.5 mm wide with a 5 mm gap between each ridge). This three-dimensional look adds vitality and sophistication to the kitchen.

4. Cubic Look: The cabinet structure complements the vertical lines of BOSSA, emphasizing a cubic aesthetic. The interior elements blend into the dark colour concept with a new carcass colour in carbon grey.

5. Versatility Beyond Kitchens: While BOSSA is perfect for kitchen fronts, it can also be used beyond cooking areas—in living rooms, halls, stairwells, and other interior spaces.

6. Award-Winning Design: The exclusive BOSSA program has received recognition for its excellent product design. Architects and planners appreciate its ability to create a uniform look across kitchen fronts and walls.

In summary, BOSSA brings pure elegance to interior design by seamlessly integrating real wood surfaces into living spaces. Whether you're designing a kitchen or other areas of your home, BOSSA offers both function and aesthetics in perfect harmony..

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*Photos from LEICHT's latest blog.