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Unique Kitchen Fixtures and Storage Solutions

14 Nov 2020

Unique Kitchen Fixtures and Storage Solutions

While the style, and theme of a kitchen design are of primary importance, the finer details go a long way in complementing its subtle architectural nuances.

Semi-Open Shelves

Built-in shelves with semi-open shutters concealing them serve as savvy display units, whilst enabling room for storage..

Detachable Compartments

Pull-out shelves with detachable storage facilities bear testimony to the skill and precision of German designs.

Built-in Metallic Units

Closed shelving systems with attached metallic compartments allow plenty of room for storing kitchen utensils, and other essentials of different shapes and sizes.

Bespoke Wall Fixtures

A practicable solution suited to every style, fixtures attached to wall cladding ensures the ease of accessing items that are commonly used in a kitchen.

If you wish to craft a stunning kitchen with custom fittings, be sure to book a design consultation with us today. Our team of expert designers would be more than happy to assist you in a consultation either online or in-store by appointment.