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Fashioning a Kitchen with Concrete Finishes

08 Jun 2021

Fashioning a Kitchen with Concrete Finishes

With its textured finish and urbane flair, concrete is central to modern architecture. In blending elegance and homeliness in perfect measure, concrete infuses contemporary settings with an appealing industrial chic aesthetic. McNally’s Tocco Concrete design clearly exemplifies this in its combination of neat layouts, ergonomic designs, and subtle colours.


In order to ensure the smoothness of surfaces, liquid coloured concrete applied by hand and then polished to a matte lacquered finish. A 6mm thick stainless-steel worktop both defines the space and lends it an attractive sheen.

A breakfast bar in real wood adds just the right hint of warmth to the kitchen. A handle-less closed shelving facility transforms the island into a multifunctional space, suited to dining, preparing, and storage.

A niche grid shelving serves as an attractive display unit. Available in a myriad of finishes, these sections can be modelled to tie in perfectly with the overall setting.

Tocco, a laminate surface with a velvety feel, encloses a built-in larder. Besides guaranteeing functionality, this feature complements the rusticity of the design with its sleekness.