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Fine Finishes Exclusive Textured Surfaces by Leicht

19 Sep 2020

Fine Finishes Exclusive Textured Surfaces by Leicht

Designer German kitchens provide great value for money, with their stunning designs, varied colour palette, and excellent technological functions. Luxury kitchens by Leicht are also equipped with premium panelling and worktops, crafted out of the finest material. Here are a few durable, quality finishes by Leicht, available at McNally Living:

Magnificent in Metal

A subtle metallic shimmer enlivens the visual splendour of a modern kitchen with elegant, understated designs..

Sleek in Stone

Strong and smooth, stone finishes add a neat, and clear definition to the kitchen space.

Captivating in Concrete

In combining the rusticity of a traditional kitchen, with an industrial chic aesthetic, concrete finishes are cost effective and resistant to dampness.

Matte Magic

A minimalist design feature that is gaining immense popularity amongst contemporary homeowners, matte lacquered surfaces lend a welcoming, harmonious feel.