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Gaggenau - Appliances that blend in with the architecture of your home

29 Jul 2022

Gaggenau - Appliances that blend in with the architecture of your home

McNally Living in partnership with Gaggenau offers a broad range of kitchen appliances that are seen as functional sculptural objects.
In this article, Sven Baacke (Global Head of Design for Gaggenau since 2011) talks about the Vario 400 cooling series, making us understand why Gaggenau appliance designs are so inspiring..

How does the release of the Vario cooling 400 series take this highly popular range even further?

"This is a very refined series. When we designed the new Vario cooling 400 series, we didn’t look at the cooling process as you would a regular refrigerator. Instead, we looked at the product as a piece of architecture that doubled up as a functional kitchen appliance".

How does the Vario cooling 400 series reinterpret Gaggenau’s unique approach to design thinking?

"In keeping with the Gaggenau design philosophy, the products’ impressive structure doesn’t hinder their ability to function. Rather, it enables it. When you open up the doors, it is truly a work of art since there is virtually no plastic used inside – it is real material and of the highest quality.

When I talk about this series, I am inclined to highlight Gaggenau’s ability to complement your living space, not only as a functional kitchen appliance, but also as a product designed to blend in with the very architecture of your home".

How did the design approach of Vario cooling 400 differ for these wine climate cabinets?

"The wine climate cabinets are unique in comparison with the fridge-freezer line because you are given the opportunity to showcase what you have in a subtle, sophisticated way. You see the wine resting on the beautiful oak bottle trays, complemented by this warm and inviting illumination, which broadens the possibilities of where the appliance could be placed in the home".

"For instance, the glass doors allow for your wine to be visible: open to everyone to see and can be situated in any of the living areas without interfering with the overall interior design. Again, it is part of the architecture! And by this, I mean that no one would ask, "Why is your wine in the living room?" People would say "What a beautiful wine collection!".

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