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Master the power of steam

12 Aug 2022

Master the power of steam

At McNally Living, we offer a broad range of home appliances and German kitchen designs that can be tailor-made to suit people’s lifestyles. This includes the new combi-steam ovens 400 and 200 series from the luxury brand for professional-grade home appliances: Gaggenau.

Gaggenau brought the first combi-steam oven into the private kitchen in 1999, creating the ideal conditions for steam cooking – a unique combination of using humidity with hot air to deliver health-conscious cuisine.

Gaggenau continues to develop its combi-steam ovens further, making technical, design, and performance innovations. Iconic in design and functionality, Gaggenau’s newest combi-steam ovens offer flexibility, ease of use, and inspiration for amateur chefs to master the beauty of cooking with steam in a luxury kitchen.

If you are considering an intelligent kitchen appliance from Gaggenau, please drop into our showroom in Ballsbridge, Dublin. Find our opening hours here.

Incorporating Gaggenau appliances in your kitchen design will help you create the ideal conditions for steam cooking as well as allowing the private chef to braise, bake, cook, grill, and gratinate in the way that professionals do.