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Grid Shelving Systems

12 Jun 2020

Grid Shelving Systems

A flexible, stable, and elegant system that efficiently makes use of available space, grid shelving is suited to any contemporary kitchen design. McNally Living presents a few grid shelving ideas that are stylish as well as operational.

Built-In Shelving

Grid shelving fit into the walls of your living space operate as alcoves for showcasing tasteful décor. The versatility of this design is ideal for combined living and dining spaces..

Tall Cabinets

Tall shelving units bridging islanding blocks, with even grid-like recesses opening on both ends act as storage spaces for kitchenware, cookbooks, and other items, serving both aesthetic and practical functions.

Wine Racks

A wine rack incorporated into a block with built-in cabinetry serves a useful purpose, whilst adding a classic touch to a modern kitchen.

Overhead Cabinetry

Overhead cabinets divided into grid-like patterns look smooth and suave in addition to providing easy access to ingredients and utensils that may be frequently used in the kitchen.

Organised Drawers

Compartmentalised drawers providing ample space for cutlery are examples of functional grid systems that are often incorporated by homeowners.

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