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Minimalist Solutions Handle Less Storage Spaces in Kitchens

05 Jun 2020

Minimalist Solutions Handle Less Storage Spaces in Kitchens

The neat, sleek appearance of kitchen surfaces without the protrusion of handlebars is one of the primary reasons interior designers opt for handle less storage solutions. McNally Living presents different stylistic layouts employing handle less cabinetry construction that are as functional as they are chic

Vertical Channel Systems

Kitchens incorporating a vertical channel system maintain a tidy, defined look, involving integrated refrigerators, and side opening cabinetry with shelving..

Glossy Storage Panelling

High gloss surfaces have a reflecting quality that possesses a plush, refined finish. Consistent with a luxurious modern kitchen plan, it can be fashioned in a variety of colours and material.

Semi-Open Drawers

Classic, elegant, and controlled, semi-open drawers serve as storage solutions that also display tasteful crockery. Light installations add a subtle, yet appealing hint of sparkle.

Overhead Cabinets

Practical and fashionable, overhead cabinets with a matte finish have an understated allure. With a variety of built-in shelving options, these versatile solutions are suited to any kitchen.

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