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Innovative Closed Shelving Systems

22 May 2020

Innovative Closed Shelving Systems

Organisation, and efficiency are central to the making of a spectacular designer kitchen. From standalone units to customised recesses, McNally Living presents you with a variety of stunning closed storage systems that promise to be as practicable as they are chic

Pull-Out Organisers

A sleek and clever cabinet design purposefully fashioned to remain rust-free, this pull-out organiser is ideal for the storage large utensils such as saucepans and pressure cookers..

Inventive Drawers

Smooth and stylish, drawers with compartments designed specifically to accommodate both cutlery, and wider containers, are exceptional storage solutions for contemporary kitchens.

Built-in Larder

An ingenious design providing abundant space for appliances of all shapes and sizes, along with attached drawers for smaller items, a tall in-built larder is a fantastic storage system.

In-built Cabinets

Trendy and customisable, units with organised drawers and attached shelves built into kitchen walls, are suited to store utensils, as well as canned goods, jars, and spices.

Laundry Room Shelving

A closet with modified alcoves to systematically accommodate household necessities, such as cleaning supplies, hoovers, an ironing board and a washing machine, is a feature that is crucial to any home.

If you wish to upgrade your existing kitchen or fit your new home with a spectacular modern kitchen, be sure to book a free consultation today. Our team of expert designers would be delighted to assist you in a face-to-face consultation online, where you will model the kitchen of your dreams from the comfort of your home.