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Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinets

25 Apr 2020

Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets go beyond being just storage solutions. Here are some exquisite cabinetry design ideas that are sure to make a statement.

1. Units with Glass Doors:

A minimalist, timeless style, tall units with glass doors add a hint of sparkle, whilst providing ample space to display crockery and tasteful décor. Versatile and easy to maintain, a glass finish fits in well with any colour or material..

2. Mounted Shelving:

A unit that can be purposefully fitted above sinks or kitchen counters for the sake of convenience, mounted shelving is a simple and practical design. A lacquered white finish creates an elegant contrast with wooden walls, though it is possible to fashion exteriors in a variety of materials.

3. Large Units with Drawers:

A tall, monochromatic unit with drawers and compartments for the storage of items is a design that retains beauty in its simplicity. Visual balance can be achieved by situating the cabinet adjacent to an open shelving system suited for décor, or through giving the units and handles an appealing, glossy finish.

4. Folding Doors:

A design that is as handy as it is attractive, kitchen wall cabinets with folding doors allow room for creativity and customisation. Bold and bohemian, or elegant and understated, these fashionable cabinets harmonise smoothly with any layout.

5. Wooden Units:

A classic cabinet design that beautifully combines natural and modern facets of interior design, wooden units are always in vogue. Ensuring a rustic, homely feel, wooden units are ideal for kitchens that seek to incorporate seasonal elements.