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Four Unique Kitchen Design Ideas

17 Apr 2020

Four Unique Kitchen Design Ideas

Crafting a kitchen design goes beyond merely selecting the layout and material of countertops, shelves, and appliances. Here are a few exceptional modern kitchen design ideas by McNally Living that are sure to leave you inspired.

1. Dynamic Tones:

A single, bold pastel colour tied in with more neutral shades lends beauty and vivacity to the kitchen. Bright and colourful, this design idea makes the kitchen look lively, without being gauche..

2. Blending Neutral Elements:

If you wish to keep things simple with some shimmer, combining several subtle, yet lustrous elements, is the way to go. A glossy material like a smooth lacquered finish, with cabinets that have in-built light fixtures creates an airy feel which is both delicate and glamorous.

3. Creative Storage Ideas:

Getting innovative with your storage solutions goes a long way in giving your kitchen a unique touch. Open shelving with illumination, and shutters providing semi-closure, enabling light to infiltrate through the gaps is as stunning as it is inventive.

4. Stunning Wooden Finishes:

Pairing wood with lacquer is a classic combination. However, weaving in artistic elements like cabinetry with sliding doors along counters, and a wooden dining table attached to open shelves, enhances the visual allure of the kitchen.