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Living Beautifully: 5 Simple Kitchen Décor Tips

07 Apr 2020

Living Beautifully: 5 Simple Kitchen Décor Tips

A designer kitchen combines threads of visual perfection, functionality and comfort. Whether your new kitchen boasts of a stylish contemporary design or one that is more subtle, there’s no denying that its aesthetics need to be complemented by the right décor.

1. Multiple Textures:

Bringing together varied shades and textures that promise form a harmonious design is a wonderful way to beautify your kitchen space. A warm colour tied in with cooler tones and a neutral backdrop is an innovative design idea..

2. Sleek Storage Solutions:

Creative solutions, like this alternating open and closing shelving unit in textured marsh wood, offer ample storage space and are also instrumental in heightening the artistic appeal of a designer kitchen.

3. Statement Kitchen Tables:

Suited specifically to smaller houses or apartments, having a statement dining table in the kitchen is a great way to get creative with the space available to you.

4. Wooden Wall Claddings:

There’s no better way to add a touch of warmth to your kitchen than adding a few wooden furnishings. A wooden wall cladding not only fulfils that function, but also defines the layout of the kitchen elegantly.

5. Emotion Lighting:

Illuminating your kitchen shelves with lighting that can be modified retains a sense of glamour despite its delicacy. A subtle detail that goes into enlivening the overall picture wonderfully. If you’d like to incorporate any of the above ideas in your kitchen, do be sure to book a consultation with us today.