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A kitchen remodel checklist

23 Sep 2021

A kitchen remodel checklist

If you are considering a new kitchen, there is plenty of planning to be done. However, whether it is small kitchen remodel, a galley kitchen remodel or, indeed, if you are undertaking a large kitchen remodel, the principles are the same. The kitchen remodel checklist will still be a long one and that’s where the team at McNally will step in and make those important decisions easy.

Here we have highlighted some of the items for that kitchen remodel checklist..

Open plan living

The new way of living is a more open plan approach, and while we may not all have a view of rolling fields and hills, we still need to consider how we live in an open plan space. A room divider, which allows some light and view through can act to divide the cooking from the living space.

Utility and laundry area

While it is ideal to create a separate area for laundry and utility pumps in your new kitchen design, it may not always be possible in a compact area. This use of space in the kitchen remodel stacks the washing machine and dryer and is a great solution in a tight area.

Storage solutions

At McNally, we have lots of useful storage solutions such as this drawer within a drawer, wasting none of the space in your kitchen cabinets.

Beautiful work surfaces

Options for your work surfaces are numerous. Laminates, stone, stainless steel or wood, the choice will depend on your taste and lifestyle. Pictured is a gorgeous black stone with a white vein detail.

If you are ready to start on that new kitchen, then call into our showroom in Ballsbridge and browse our ranges or book a design consultation here.