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Achieving timeless kitchen styles with McNally Living

14 Sep 2021

Achieving timeless kitchen styles with McNally Living

Choosing a timeless kitchen is one of the single most important aims we have when we decide to design or remodel our home. Of course, we want to love the style of our kitchen, and for it to look beautiful while also be practical. But we also would like it to be that way for many years to come. Here we give some ideas on achieving that timeless kitchen design.

Neutral cabinets

Although white-on-white is considered a timeless classic for many, it can also be very much worth choosing carefully coordinated cabinets in neutral colours. This creates the ideal sought after individualistic look. With the Leicht Classic FS & IOS, a structured in-built cabinet system, concealed by shutters, adds a unique touch to the kitchen design. Neutral panelling brings the timeless appeal, enveloped in muted shades, and is contrasted against bolder hues on the wall..


A layout that is intricately planned to be as near to perfection as possible is going to give your kitchen longevity. Our professional designers and consultants will help with this. They work to find the perfect layout for your lifestyle and personal choice, while of course considering the timelessness of the design. A stunning kitchen is brought to life in this image from one our customer’s kitchens, seamless and dreamy design.

Open shelving

Open shelving is a new feature in terms of classic kitchen design. Having your items on display can breathe personality into any design, whilst bringing character to a seamless look. Tocco Concrete has a unique, timeless charm. The grid shelving complements the visual appeal of the space and provides room for tasteful décor.

The kitchen island

It is undeniable at this point that a kitchen island has become an essential part of a timeless design. At McNally, we are delighted to say we subscribe to this belief, not just for the island’s aesthetic appeal, but for also its functionality and scope for personal choice. A large statement island in the Leicht Bondi Classic FS with in-built shelving facilities leaves plenty of room for storage. The striking colour contrast heightens the visual appeal of the design. Timeless elegance indeed.

For more help with designing your dream timeless kitchen, book a design consultation or call into our Ballsbridge showroom to view our range.