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Less is more: creating a warm and welcoming minimalist home

06 Sep 2021

Less is more: creating a warm and welcoming minimalist home

The words minimalist and minimalism may conjure images of modern white spaces, but it also means so much more. Think tranquil and comforting. Think spaces that truly deserve appreciation, spaces that retain a timeless charm.
Here are some pointers to achieving that minimalist look.

Shades of grey

A seamless grey design brings a simple elegance that is sure to stand the test of time. This design focuses on clean lines and the functions of the furniture, while providing a light and airy entertainment space..

Keep it simple

A display cabinet allows for ultimate personalisation alongside simplicity. Incorporate various elements of your lifestyle into a minimalistic design by displaying only the items that speak to you.

Overall, the key to minimalism remains less is more. With this concept, the spaces should satisfy with simple and stunning design. To achieve this, few solutions are as useful as speaking with an expert and our team at McNally would be delighted to discuss your design ideas with you. Book your design consultation with us today.

Light and bright

If an open, bright look is what you desire, then allow the decor some room to speak for itself. For an undeniably refined minimalist home, choose a few pieces, and choose them wisely.