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Top 3 characteristics of a modern kitchen design

30 Aug 2021

Top 3 characteristics of a modern kitchen design

By uniting threads of finesse, luxury, and timelessness, contemporary kitchen designs by McNally are aesthetically perfect, efficient and modern. While each design is bespoke and speaks of our customers’ lifestyle, a common pattern of contemporary characteristics can be found. Today, we have whittled it down to the top three, which are a must for every dream modern design.

Use of space

The key to achieving your dream modern design is a clever and modern use of your space. Our experts will work with you to find the most efficient and stylish means of doing so. This varies greatly and can mean anything from sleek and beautiful look to a light and bright airy room..

Reflection of lifestyle

Dreamy modern kitchens are not simply just about open plan floors and sleek handleless cabinets, but more-so about reflecting the modern lifestyle. After a consultation with our designers, it will become apparent how to lend your personality and desires to your dream contemporary space. For example, the incorporation of a statement island with a breakfast bar makes this design ideal for a modern lifestyle. Also, in this design is a utility area, concealed behind a series of closed shelves which is intrinsic to the functionality of the design.

Overall, the characteristics of a contemporary design are largely personal. To find your perfect fit, contact McNally today.


No modern kitchen is complete without ultra-modern appliances. Even more eye catching and contemporary if you can integrate your appliances into the cabinetry – further enhancing the sleek unbroken lines of your kitchen for the ultimate minimalist touch.