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Ways to style your perfect contemporary kitchen

24 Aug 2021

Ways to style your perfect contemporary kitchen

One cannot deny that there is something dreamy about a contemporary style kitchen. From slimline, handleless cupboards, to marble worktops and stylish appliances; who wouldn't want a clutter-free, inviting and seamlessly functional modern kitchen design? This week we spoke to our expert designers at McNally Living who pointed out the most effective ways to bring about the ideal contemporary style. From fuss-free features, ergonomic design, to clean aesthetics and all-white looks, we have chosen the most sought after ways in which to achieve this look.

All White

Nothing says contemporary style like an all-white scheme. This is a clean, minimalist way to make a stand-out statement. Contemporary living is a primary consideration in every part of the design of Bondi C Synthia C. The muted wood tones also work very well against the white..

Maximise natural light

Light has the capacity to make the space feel larger and more luxurious. If you are designing your kitchen, our experts can speak to you about how to bring light into your new space, giving it that bright contemporary edge.

Work natural materials into your design

Mixed materials like wood make an excellent addition to any contemporary space. To incorporate depth, we suggest a darker wood.


To make an open plan kitchen appear more open and defined, consider a monochrome look.

Overall, a modern look is an achievable and rewarding goal. For more help, Book a design consultation or visit our showroom in Ballsbridge to discuss your kitchen plans with our designers in-store.