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The importance of a kitchen island

17 Aug 2021

The importance of a kitchen island

A kitchen island can be the piece that best reflects who we are, and how we live in our kitchens. Whether you’re a keen cook who needs more prep space, or a social butterfly whose kitchen becomes a place for friends and family to gather, the kitchen island is central to not just a perfect space, but a perfect lifestyle. Therefore, when it comes to designing or re-modelling, great emphasis should be placed on the kitchen island. Not only can an island have a significant impact on the overall appeal of the space, but it plays a central role in our way of life. When choosing an island for your space, there are many factors involved. Among these are size, functionality, and of course personal style. These factors vary for many, so we have hand-picked some examples that may help inspire you for your dream home.

This kitchen is from the Contino range in the colour Merimo. The high-grade matt-lacquered surface is available in exclusive Le Corbusier colours. Mitred pullouts and panels elegantly merge, creating a kitchen that is sleek and convenient in equal measure. Here, the island works as both a statement and functional feature. An island also works as an opportunity to bring in different colours. An island also works as an opportunity to bring in different colours, such as Leicht Bondi Classic FS, which uses striking colour contrast heightens the visual appeal of the design..

The handle-less matte surfaces lend this kitchen a sleek, uncluttered look. A large statement island with in-built shelving facilities leaves plenty of room for storage. This style is ideal for the entertainer, the baker and the busy family.

A statement island with concrete panelling has an attractive industrial flair that is ideal for those looking for a modern kitchen with a rustic touch. For more information on these examples and our exclusive range of islands, get in touch with us today.